( )1. Liu Yun’s brother is ______ artist.

  A. an  B. a  C./

  ( )2. Lisa likes ___________ with numbers.

  A. works  B. working  C. work

  ( )3. ____________ your aunt work in a factory?

  A. Is  B. Do  C. Does

  ( )4.Do you like music

  A. listen B.listening to C. listening

  ( )5. __________ sister is a lovely girl.

  A. Wu Yifan  B. Wu Yifan’s  C. he


  ( )1.West A. get B.dive C.actress

  ( )2. bike A. artist B.kite C.live

  ( )3. ship A.library B. cinema C. kite

  ( ) 4. make A.actor B. watch C. vapour

  ( )5.comic A.hobby B.go C.some


  ( )1. A.then B.thank C. north D. think

  ( )2. A. bus B.subway C. turn D. must

  ( )3. A.ship B.library C.writer D. kite

  ( )4. A.make B. actress C.vapour D.salesperson

  ( )5. A.hobby B.go C.drop D. comic


  ride (ing形式) sing (ing形式)

  have(第三人称单数) play(第三人称单数)

  making (原形) write (第三人称单数)

  do (第三人称单数) right(反义词)

  doesn’t (完全形式) actor (对应词)


  1 She ____________(打扫)streets. She is a cleaner.

  2. I want to _______(be ) a teacher.

  3. How do you _____________(到达)there.

  4. First, put the seeds in the _________(土壤)。

  5.Does she __________(教)you Chinese?


  1in the live she country does

  2. five straight walk for minutes

  3. do your does uncle what

  4. weekend do going What on are to the you

  5. the can become how water vapour

  6. come does the rain where from .


  How to plant a tree?

  ( )Wait for it to grow.

  ( )Easy . First , dig the soil .

  ( )Then put the plant in the soil .

  ( )Water it .